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Ki ~ Yog Healing

KI~YOG HEALING is a amalgamation of Usui Reiki and Patanjali Yoga in such a way that, it is through the alignment of our energies with the Divine, that the flow of Reiki energy for healing and personal growth is achieved. Yoga in these modern times works from the outside in to bring the physical forces into alignment with the subtle anatomy of our Higher Divine Nature. Yoga is 5000 year old  ancient art and science of balancing the physical and  subtle anatomy of the individual. Which in Sanscrit means “union”, a union between mind, body and spirit.
Scientist around the world are studying the effects of yoga on human body. The practice of Reiki and Yoga go hand in hand. The practice of Yoga increases the flow of Reiki energy in a persons life.
Yoga techniques bring depth to the art and science of all forms of Reiki and understand Reiki in a much deeper way whereas Reiki helps a  person understand the deeper energies of Yoga.
A regular practice can bring very good results in therapies and treatments of  arthritis, asthma and hearth problems. Also it gives excellent result in eliminating alcohol, tobacco and drug addictions. 
Yoga is a combination of physical postures and breath. One function of these postures is to enable a person to learn the knowledge of the subtle anatomy.
As the intent is focused on the different layers of this knowledge the Reiki Energy flows through the anatomical aspects of our being and unfolds and opens us to a deeper awareness.


Please help us...

Ki~yog is not for profit. We intend to take this healing science all over the globe for a good cause, please help us by donating generously. Please send the donations to Dr. Sanjeev Tanwar at the following address: 540, West Broadway, Glendale, CA 91204. (If donating by check please make it payable to 'Kiyoghealinganju')

Thank you.